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  • What are the reasons for loss of photos in Sony digital camera?
  • Which file format does the software supports?
  • Discuss the features of photo recovery software?

Digital camera is very sophisticated and due to this reason it has become demanded in the market. In the digital camera there are memory cards that are used to store pictures and photos. Due to this advantage user can store a lot of images in the memory card as such the more images are stored the more will be the situation of photo loss. Generally error and corruption are the reason of loss of your precious photos and sometimes accidental deletion of photos may leave a person heartbroken.

Similarly imagine that you have taken photos of your loved ones with Sony digital camera and when you have tried to load the pictures on your system then there comes a message that your memory card is empty. Due to this you may become panic and scandalized and want to recover and restore photos from Sony digital camera. There may be the reason that earlier the photos used to be stored and seen also but now may be because of formatting, read or write error, unexpected camera switching off, formatting, media corruption or damage, file system corruption, deletion of files accidentally.

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There might also be the problem in the connection between the memory card and your system. Much reason may be loss of photos from Sony digital camera. In this situation you ca use Restore photo on Sony software, this software helps to restore all the lost and deleted photos from Sony digital camera. Not only is this but this software also has powerful algorithm that scans the error and corruption perfectly and helps in the restoring photos and pictures efficiently. This software supports SR2 file format and can restore the lost and deleted photos and pictures with perfection. The restored files do not show any alteration as compared to the original quality of photos and pictures.

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