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SD Card also known as secure digital is a flash memory card that is used by the digital camera. Similarly Sony digital camera also uses SD card to store videos and photos in it. Generally the capacity of SD card varies such as 8 MB, 1 GB, 32 MB, 2 GB, 64 MB, 4 GB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 8 GB. Generally there are many other types of SD cards such as SDHC, SD memory card, MicroSD, MiniSD. SD card are compact and slim but stores a lot of pictures and photos in it. There may be some situation in which the SD card may become corrupt because of formatting, read or write error, unexpected camera switching off, formatting, media corruption or damage, file system corruption, deletion of files accidentally.

In this condition it is necessary to recover the lost videos, pictures and photos. So you can use Sony SD card photo recovery this software is very easy to download and install as such you can perform this task easily. The wizard style of this software is very easy to understand so you can recover the lost photos and videos from SD memory card easily with the use of this software and this does not require any technical skill. Generally the recovery of the lost photos can be achieved in about 10 minutes.

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But it is important to understand that you should not take more pictures on similar SD card before you have recovered them. Otherwise it will result in overwriting, in this situation if you have performed overwriting of pictures then also there are possibilities that you can recover the lost pictures with the help of Sony SD card picture recovery, but those photo that have overwritten because you have taken recent pictures then those pictures will not be recovered.

This software supports SR2 file format and is capable to recover the lost photos and pictures in Sony Digital camera in a secure manner.

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